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Trans Studio Bandung,Indonesia immediately set a target of drawing three million visitors in the first year. To achieve that target, 'Indoor Theme Park' is located in the numbers Gatot Subroto, Bandung, West Java, it provides 20 rides which arguably latest and interesting. Here are the best rides are offered by Trans Studio Bandung:

1. 'Yamaha Racing Coaster.
This vehicle is perfect for those who want to test the rush of adrenaline as capable of racing with a speed of 120 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds. It is said that a vehicle owned by Trans Studio Bandung was only available in the world's three units, two units are installed in the United States.
2. Browse
This vehicle provides adventure experiences in the African jungle, met with the animal bias, and through the gap 13 meters high waterfall.
3. Giant Swing
Giant pendulum swing of the first in Indonesia this will take you around in circles at an altitude of 18 meters.
4. MARVEL super heroes 4D
4 dimensional cinema-tech simulators first in the world featuring works MARVEL superheroes like Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, and their enemies.
5. Vertigo
Giant windmills that take you to rotate 360 ​​degrees vertically.
6. Special Effect Action
Dish that reveals the secret behind the action movies such as explosions, gunfire, and jets of water.
7. Giant Affairs
Visit the giant land on the clouds ready to knock you down from a height of 20 meters.
8. Another World
Adventure full of mystery and scary that will take you to the haunted places in Bandung.

9. Trans Science Center
Play facilities and learning of science for school-age children
10. Trans Broadcast Museum
Presenting the secrets behind the production of programs of Trans TV and Trans 7
11. Sky Pirates
Experience a pirate ship and around Bandung Trans Studio using the 'aircraft'.
12. Kong Climb
Challenging the challenge by climbing a wall to steal a jewel guarded by King Kong.
13. Dragon Rider
Presenting adventure a la knights riding dragons.
14. Blackheart Pirate Ship
This vehicle is claimed as a thematic area softplay terbesari South-East Asia with four areas that will make children feel at home playing.
15. Island little man
Vehicle for a special thematic playground for toddlers

16. Trans Car Racing
Providing race track along the almost 1 kilo meters with a maximum speed of 40 km / hour.
17. Trans Movie Magic
Displaying a widescreen viewing experience more real to visitors.
18. Trans City Theatre
The theater featuring lavish show, which is claimed, the equivalent of Broadway
19. Amphitheatre
Featuring performances by the spectacular design and special effects

20. Si Bolang Adventure
Adventure around the archipelago was serving with the Bolang, adventurous boy character.
To reach the area is not too hard trance studio because it was fairly easy to reach from downtown Bandung. Ticket prices Bandung Trans studio Rp.150 thousand-week except Saturday and holidays Rp.200 thousand. enjoy studio Trans Bandung..

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  1. ingin mengajak keluarga ke sini,,,,taapi blm waktunya,,,,trimakasih infonya gan,,

  2. Mantap kang informasiY, sangat berguna untuk pembaca, jika butuh informasi lebih lengkap mengenai show and production, silhkan kunjungi situs ini : Trans studio bandung


  3. kapan ya bisa kesitu tp di Balikpapan rencananya akan dibangun trans studio juga

  4. Ane balik lagi nih, trans studio bandung memang keren, tapi blog ini kok gak diupdate ya kang, ada nemu satu blog yang selalu update informasi dari trans studio, ini blognya: Trans Studio Bandung, buat teman-teman yang mau tau informasi terbaru boleh lihat website itu.


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